About Shauntelle Marie

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Who am I?

I am a constant teacher and student of life. As a student, I embrace practices that inspire me to places of beauty, clarity, and prosperity.  As a teacher I share my education as a wellness advocate by offering transformation coaching, mindfulness training, meditation sessions, yoga classes, and writing.

Like you, I am traveling my life path to the best of my ability. I aspire to be my best self in all situations by seeking out inspiration and aligning to my intuition.

In my travels I have learned through studying, teaching, and experiencing. My studies have lead me to acquire knowledge in education, counseling, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation and have culminated in the following:

Bachelor’s degree in education

Master’s degree in counseling

Post Master’s degree in Education Administration

200 hr Yoga Certification

Health Coach Certification  

Mindful Educator Essential Course Certification

The opportunity of teaching has guided me towards being an elementary teacher, college instructor, counselor, yoga instructor, meditation guide, and consultant.

Life experiences have inspired me to write blogs, books and poetry, travel, teach yoga and meditation, and create materials to serve as sources of light for others on their paths.

Have you ever been lost?

I have! And that’s why I created My Pathlights. In my mid-thirties I had everything. I had a wonderful family, lived 8 minutes from the beach, and made a six figure income. Then one day I found myself sitting at my kitchen table listening to my husband, the man I thought I’d share my life with, explain why marriage to me was no longer meant for him. My world instantly dissolved with the words, “I want no part of this.”

The dissolution of my marriage lead me into a whirlwind of negative beliefs about myself and life. These beliefs caused an energetic shift in me that had devastating effects and fueled decisions that forced me into a period of transformation. Long story short, I went from an abundant income to barely surviving and living in my sister’s basement. It was a dark time and I felt lost.

Fighting my way out of the darkness was no easy journey. I was like a caterpillar being transformed into a butterfly. My cocoon was dark, lonely, and I was a liquified mess. Trying to push my way through the thick, silk walls of my personal cell seemed impossible. But I persevered; I kept pushing; I went deep within; And I looked for sources of light. The sources came to me through meditation, books, teachers, yoga, and connections with others. Each light lead me to a new discovery of myself, my worth, and the love I have within and without.

Eventually I became inspired to embrace this new frontier with the intention of connecting with my best self. I began to see everything as a gift and started to connect with life in a moment-by-moment kind of way that helped me to create a bridge between my head and my heart. I found the way to transform and expand by trading my legs for wings, hence the butterfly logo for My Pathlights. 

I am so grateful for the sparks that ignited the lights along my path. I created My Pathlights to be that spark for others by sharing my journey, wisdom, and experiences with others. I believe we are all teachers and students of this life school and have much to share with one another.

Maybe you have also experienced a dark time such as divorce, death, job loss, or illness. Or perhaps you are simply feeling stuck and are ready to transform into your best self. 

If you are seeking to….

“Walk your path; shine your light; And leave a light so that others can shine too.”

Let’s connect!