Dancing with the Energy of the Moon

If you have been feeling slightly emotional these past few days, the culprit will likely appear in the sky this evening. Tonight we will experience a new moon.  As its name implies, this astronomical body will initiate a new wave of energy on the earth. This wave will inspire a harmonious meeting of dark andContinue reading “Dancing with the Energy of the Moon”

Turn On The Light

The room suddenly goes dark and you find yourself alone and slightly confused. Once visible images have now melted into the darkness and everything fades to black. You blink your eyes and lift your hands in an effort to feel your way through the thick air. Your sense of hearing heightens to make up forContinue reading “Turn On The Light”

An Unlikely Hero

When most people think of a hero, the likely images of swords, guns, dragons, and capes come to mind. Popular culture has inspired visions of grown men and women showing up to save the day in everything from black batmobiles to invisible airplanes. Sometimes the hero is accompanied by a faithful sidekick, but always comesContinue reading “An Unlikely Hero”

The Power of Dreams

According to Carl Jung, dreams are a way of communicating and acquainting oneself with the unconscious. It’s important to pay attention to your dreams. They are a window to the unconscious and can serve as a guide to a solution of a problem you are facing in your waking life. Dreams are like an autobiographical movieContinue reading “The Power of Dreams”