Wellness Advocate

In order to be truly healthy, it is important to understand that a healthy outside begins on the inside. Being in good health isn’t simply to be disease free. It is to have wellness in all areas of your life. Achieving wellness requires balancing the various aspects of the whole person.

I identify wellness as being made up of the following:  

Physical Health– The well-being of your physical body. 

Mental Health  The well-being of your mental/analytical self and the thoughts, knowledge, attitude, and beliefs you use to make sense of the world around you.

Emotional Health– The well-being of your heart space through understanding the emotional responses to conditions in your life.

Spiritual Health- The well-being of your inner self and the characteristics that bring forth your unique energy.

When these areas align it’s possible to experience




My role as a wellness advocate inspires others to rediscover wholeness. 

Are you ready to experience the following:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Transform a negative self-image into a positive one
  • Improve relationships 
  • Eliminate anxiety

I’d like to share my tools of inspiration with you.

We will start our work together with a consultation which includes a personalized wellness evaluation and report.