Mindfulness Training

Being mindful is being fully aware of the present moment. It’s engaging with life in its fullest by pausing, experiencing, and allowing the magic of each moment to open our hearts to all that is. 

Mindfulness as short moments of awareness that, over time, develop into deeper levels of consciousness. To me, being mindful means engaging with an experience without overly-identifying with it. Finding mindfulness is like connecting to that pause at the top of the inhale where everything sits seemingly motionless for a moment before the break of exhalation sets in and calls forth movement.

When you are mindful,  you are:

  • Noticing what’s happening right now
  • Observing thoughts with curiosity
  • Being aware of a situation without demanding something from it
  • Focusing with head and focusing with your heart
  • Allowing experiences and things into your life without overly identifying with them

Mindfulness is a tool for healthy living that has been used in hospitals, educational settings, and private practices for decades.

Research has shown that individuals with mindfulness practices have

Improved memory
Less stress
Improved cardiovascular health
Improved sleep
Reduced anxiety
Reduced depression
Overall improved health

If you are ready to learn mindfulness let’s connect!