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What are Pathlights?

Imagine you are walking down a road and the sun has gone down. It’s dark and you’re having a hard time finding your way. Suddenly, the street lights above begin to glow and your path home becomes clear. Pathlights are the experiences, pearls of wisdom, and stories that spark your own inner lights and inspire you to….

“Walk your path; Shine your light; And leave a spark so that others may shine too.”

I aspire to be the Best version of me at all times and I want the same for you! So, I created a space with the intention of inspiring transformation and wellness by sharing what I’ve learned along my path.

We each have a unique path to travel. And, though, my path is different from yours,  I believe we are interconnected in our deepest wants.

I believe we are ALL travelers and seekers of the good. I believe we are ALL here for a unique purpose and to be who we are as fully as we can. And, I believe that when we live the good we become the light for the self and others.

What’s your path?

Mine is the path of a teacher. My greatest joy comes from connecting with others and inspiring them to step into their best self by sharing knowledge, experiences and stories. I love teaching because, as any of the Master teachers will tell you, a true education comes from a balance of teaching and learning. I love learning from others just as much as I love sharing what I’ve learned. And, the biggest lesson I have learned to date is….


I work on being my best self every day by practicing mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and sharing my stories. If you are ready to transform into your best self and would like some guidance, you are in the right place! 

warrior pose

Thank you for exploring my humble space. If this message resonates, please reach out. I’d love to connect with you!