Authentic Intention Setting Workshop

It’s the beginning of the year anauthentic_intention_d many of us are setting new year resolutions. Some of us are resolving to lose something like weight or debt while others aim to achieve something like a new house or relationship. While the idea of creating a New Year’s resolution seems exciting we are often disappointed when our best efforts fall through.

The reason that many resolutions don’t stick is because they are created based on ego driven wants and needs. Things created for the ego are temporary because even when the ego thinks it has what it wants it remains unsatisfied. If you want to create goals that are meaningful and will stick, you’ve got to create them through your authentic self.

Join me as I guide you through a process of authentic intention setting based on the Sanskrit term Sankalpa. Sankalpa is a resolve to align what you do with your dharma or purpose. San is a connection with your highest truth, which resides in the heart and kalpa is a vow. 

In making an authentic intention you are tapping into the Chakras and creating a vow with your authentic self to attract what you are seeking.

In order to reach this authentic space, I will guide you through a process of intention setting that taps into each of your chakras. Chakras are energetic zones of the subtle body where energy flows. We have 7 chakras that run from the base of our spine through the crown of our head.

If you are ready to transform into the best version of you for 2017 join me to set your authentic intention.

 Authentic Intention Setting Workshop
January 28, 2017
The Lotus Wellness Spot

Register here or by contacting:

The Lotus Wellness Spot
107 25th St, Ogden, UT 84401
Phone: (801) 392-2282
$35 per person
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