Walk your path; Shine your Light; And leave a spark so that others may shine too.

warrior pose

We are all travelers, here for a short time, walking a unique path with the purpose of experiencing the beauty and love this life has to offer. Though the mind loves to make it more complicated, you are simply asked to do one thing.  

““Walk your path; Shine your light; And leave a spark so that others may shine too.”

With all of life’s challenges and unpredictable events, how can you be sure you have been given the right gifts to complete your journey? Keep in mind that a butterfly does not envy the strength of the bird’s wings. It simply trusts that it has been given the right tools and then spreads its wings to take flight. In the blink of an eye it is darting and whirling through garden flowers with the greatest of ease. Likewise, trust that what you have been given is everything you need to succeed. You were perfectly made to walk the path set before you.

Although the path might look dark and lonely at times. The good news is that we have been given the light we need to illuminate the path. The light we seek is inside of us and all around us. We find guidance through our inner light and, when that light dims, we find the spark we need by connecting with others.

The intention of My Pathlights is to inspire a connection with your inner light and the light of others. The mission is to foster mindfulness by inspiring a mind, body, and spirit connection.

Inspirational Activities Include:

    • Yoga Classes (Yin and Vinyasa styles)
    • Meditation
    • Workshops and Training for Adults
    • Workshops and training for Children
    • Inspirational Blogs, poems, and quotes