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Welcome to My Pathlights!

The intention of My Pathlights is to inspire wellness of the mind, body, heart, and spirit by connecting individuals to experiences, practices, and teachings that light the pathway to the best self.  

Chances are you have made your way here because you are seeking. Perhaps you are seeking inspiration, perhaps you are seeking guidance, or perhaps you are simply seeking to follow your curiosity.

I believe we are all travelers making our way through the twists and turns of life, seeking to understand who we are, why we are here, and how to be the best we can be.

So, who are you?

You are a masterpiece created from Divine inspiration with a unique body, mind, heart, and spirit. 

You are valued and have something special to offer this world.

You are loved.

You are uniquely perfect and have all of the strength you need for empowerment and all of the imperfections you need to help you to expand into your best self.

What is your purpose?

Your purpose is to be who you are as fully as you can. You were born with everything you need to be successful and are supported in all that you do. Everything is always working out for you to be your BEST SELF.

How can you do this?

  • Be present with each moment
  • Find authenticity in all you do and all you are
  • Have a relationship with life
  • Expand into love
  • Connect with others along the way
  • Live your truth

Imaging you are walking down a road and the sun has gone down. It is starting to get dark and you are having a hard time finding your way. My Pathlights are like the street lights that illuminate the path helping you to see your way. These lights come in the form of encouraging stories, poems, practices, and experiences, that remind you of the way and inspire you to….

“Walk your path; Shine your light; And leave a spark so that others may shine too.”

If you are ready to transform and expand into your best self, you are at the right place. I invite you to further explore all My Pathlights has to offer including:

Shauntelle Marie, Founder of My Pathlights